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The National Gallery Masterpiece Tour: Canaletto's 'A Regatta on the Grand Canal'

  1. The race
  2. The painting
  3. Canaletto's inspiration
  4. Related works
  5. Provenance and further reading

Provenance and further reading


In the collection of the Duke of Leeds, Hornby Castle, by at least 1867; lent in 1878 to the Royal Academy (no. 279); Duke of Leeds sale, London, 11 June 1920 (lot I), bought by A. J. Sulley, with pendant (NG4453); purchased from him in 1923 by Lord Revelstoke, by whom it was bequeathed to the National Gallery in 1929.

Further reading

David Bomford and Gabriele Finaldi,‘Venice through Canaletto’s Eyes’, London 1998.

Charles Beddington, ‘Canaletto in England’, New Haven and London 2006.

Charles Beddington, ‘Venice: Canaletto and his Rivals’, exhibition catalogue, The National Gallery, London 2010.

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