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Sir George Beaumont

Sir George (Howland) Beaumont (1753-1827) was the leading arbiter of artistic tastes in his day and a major sponsor behind the creation of the National Gallery.
  1. Biography
  2. Patronage and influence
  3. Beaumont and British art
  4. Collecting Old Masters
  5. The Beaumont Gift


Beaumont was Tory MP for Bere Alston in Devon between 1790-6. Thereafter he retired from politics to pursue his love of poetry and the fine arts.

Beaumont was a friend of the Lake Poets, especially of William Wordsworth whom he saw as a kindred spirit. He frequently lent Wordworth the use of his farm on his estate at Coleorton. Interestingly, where his interests in poetry were forward-looking, he was opposed to new trends in art.

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