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'Picture in Focus': Useful links

Delve further into Titian's paintings, Renaissance art and classical mythology with these National Gallery resources

Titian and Renaissance art

'Diana and Actaeon' – Everything you need to know about the painting

Titian's life – The artists who influenced Titian during his lifetime 

Renaissance masterpieces – Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael

Video and podcasts (National Gallery Channel)

Titian's painting: 'The Death of Actaeon' – An artist looks at Actaeon's terrible fate 

Tintoretto's 'The Origin of the Milky Way' – The myth behind this Renaissance masterpiece

Perspective in modern masterpieces – Contemporary art created with Renaissance techniques and modern photography, by the artist Clive Head

Reworking a Renaissance painting into modern art – the work of contemporary artist Ben Johnson

Patience Agbabi: 'About Face' – hear the poet reading her Titian-inspired poem

Videos (YouTube)

'Diana and Actaeon' [External link] – A curator's insight

The National Gallery buys Titian's painting 'Diana and Actaeon' [External link] – Titian's painting is saved for the nation

Titian's paintings

Paintings of Greek myths