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Diana’s Stream of Consciousness

Picture in Focus online exhibition – Christ’s School, Surrey

Literacy, Storytelling

Year 7 pupils at Christ’s School each wrote a script from the point of view of one of the central characters in the Diana and Actaeon myth.

Here, a Year 7 pupil performs her monologue, investigating the goddess Diana's at the moment when she first realises she is being watched by the unfortunate hunter Actaeon.

Christ’s School: Diana’s Stream of Consciousness
Christ’s School: Diana’s Stream of Consciousness
32 secs

This is the spell that Diana cast on Acteon when he saw her naked:

You, Actaeon, shall regret the day you ever set eyes on me in my nakedness.

Your hair shall grow colossal horns. Your feet shall become thundering hooves. Your body shall grow wild with uncontrollable hair. Your teeth shall become sharp and deadly.

You shall not eat the human food you crave but shall feast on the ground your hooves touch. Your voice shall be known in a different language. You shall speak in the tongue of a stag.

Your helpless cries shall fill the skies for ever and ever.

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