Key Stages 1–2 workshops

Spend longer looking, making and learning with our range of practical workshops for Key Stages 1–2 (KS1–2)

Sessions are led by specialist Gallery Educators and take place in both the Gallery and the Pigott Education Centre.

Group size: 10–60 (maximum 30 per session)
Cost: Free for UK schools. Not available to overseas schools

Cancellation policy: 28 days prior to session. Cancellations made with less than 28 days’ notice will incur a charge.

Please note that our workshops are fully booked for the 2018/2019 academic year. If you wish to receive information on upcoming workshops or would like to be notified of cancelled sessions, please email us at

Sculpting stories (KS1 only)

Take a walk through a specially chosen landscape painting through storytelling and object handling. Learners then create their own sculpture to take home, developing communication, creativity, and dexterity.

Duration: 2 hours (including use of lunch room for 30 minutes)
Dates: 17 October 2018, 5 December 2018, 5 March 2019, 4 July 2019

Mini masterpieces (KS1 only)

Sing, sway and jump into a painting with a musical story designed to inspire your own work of art. Afterwards you will be given the tools and techniques to create your own mini masterpiece to take home.

Duration: 2 hours (including use of lunch room for 30 minutes)
Dates: 14 January 2019, 1 April 2019

Every picture tells a story 

Discover the hidden story behind a series of paintings, and then become a part of it! With the help of an actor, this drama and literacy session helps learners build their own responses and ideas, developing story building, communication, and creativity.

Duration: 2 hours (including use of lunch room for 30 minutes)
Dates: 8 October 2018, 19 November 2018, 11 February 2019, 25 March 2019

What can paintings tell us about drawing? 

Learn to see the drawing behind the painting, using traditional tools and techniques including pen and ink, chalk, and carbon paper to develop an understanding of line, tone, and perspective.

Duration: 3.5 hours (including use of lunch room for 30 minutes)
Dates: 20 September 2018, 1 November 2018, 24 January 2019, 2 May 2019, 20 June 2019

Colour and light 

See paintings in a new light by learning about the science of colour and the history of the colour wheel. Learners will create their own paintings by being taught how to mix primary colours into a wide range of tones.

Duration: 3.5 hours (including use of lunch room for 30 minutes)
Dates: 25 September 2018, 11 December 2018, 5 February 2019, 30 April 2019, 7 May 2019, 25 June 2019,

Printing pre-digital (KS2 only) 

Learn how artists printed 400 years ago by giving it a go yourself! Learners are introduced to a range of printing techniques and, taking inspiration from a painting in the collection, will create their own print using an etching press.

Duration: 3.5 hours (including use of lunch room for 30 minutes)
Dates: 26 November 2018, 21 March 2019, 13 May 2019

To discuss our workshop availability, please email, or call us on 020 7747 2424 (option 1).


Bring the magic of the Gallery into your school with our outreach sessions.

Cost: Free for UK schools.
Duration: 1-2 hours
Group size: 10–30

Story storms (KS1 only) 

A knight, a dragon and a princess tumble into a swirl of your own imagination. Uncover the story of Saint George, create a dragon part by part and paint it into a story storm. Lively questioning and discussion will encourage learners to express their own ideas, justify their choices and develop their creativity.

Monet and architecture (KS2 only) 

Monet captured a changing world with light, colour and a style all of his own. Explore the architecture that shapes your life and learn how to use Monet’s techniques to create an artwork describing a place that’s important to you.

To make an outreach booking and discuss your requirements, please contact us on 020 7747 5890 or email

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