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Attending one of our CPD days is a great way to start a  Take One Picture project. The sessions offer teachers the opportunity to learn about the focus painting from Gallery experts, to explore it in depth with their peers, and to develop techniques and ideas for using paintings as a resource for curriculum-based learning.

Focus painting: Henri Rousseau's 'Surprised!'

The focus painting for the 2024 exhibition is 'Surprised!' by Henri Rousseau.

A flash of lightning and a clap of thunder, a tiger crouches in thick jungle foliage with its back arched and teeth bared – but is it the hunter or the hunted?

We will explore how this painting can be used to inspire learning across the curriculum, from art and literacy to science and geography.

2022/2023 CPD sessions

This year, we are offering CPD sessions both online and in the Gallery. All sessions are free of charge.  

Online sessions over Zoom are taking place on: 

Monday 7 November 2022: Book free tickets

Wednesday 11 January 2023: Book free tickets

Monday 13 March 2023: Book free tickets

Wednesday 19 April 2023: Book free tickets

Onsite sessions at the Gallery are taking place on: 

Friday 7 October 2022: Book free tickets

Monday 5 December 2022: Book free tickets

Friday 3 February 2023: Book free tickets

What can I expect? 

Both onsite and online sessions offer the opportunity to: 

  • Learn about the Take One Picture programme and facilitating child-led projects 
  • Investigate strategies for engaging children with paintings, such as looking, drawing and storytelling 
  • Use paintings to develop children’s visual literacy, enquiry and oracy skills 
  • Learn about this year’s focus painting and artist  
  • Explore the pedagogy and practice of using paintings as a rich resource for cross-curricular learning 
  • Receive a link to supporting resources, including a high-resolution image file of the focus painting 

Onsite participants will also have the opportunity to: 

  • Visit the National Gallery and take part in extended activities in front of the original paintings  
  • Further develop practical skills through drawing and making 
  • Network with teaching colleagues from across the country  
  • Receive a poster print of the focus painting 

If you have any questions, please contact: 

What do teachers think? 

Here is some of the feedback we have received from previous attendees:

  • "Extremely informative with excellent use made of expert knowledge. Huge amount of inspiring and practical ideas/starting points to take back to school."
  • "A very useful day and a vital part of the TOP process."
  • "Fantastic. Very high quality and inspirational. Lovely to have the freedom to explore a painting with the children, learn more about it and see the creativity that it inspires."


Submit your project to Take One Picture 2023

We are accepting submissions of work responding to Claude-Joseph Vernet's 'A Shipwreck in Stormy Seas' for consideration in next year's exhibition from now until 31 October 2022.
How to submit

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