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About outreach projects

The National Gallery’s outreach programmes play an integral role in providing access to the collection for a wide and diverse public.

The National Gallery is committed to maintaining and developing sustainable outreach programmes as we believe that everyone – regardless of age or background – is entitled to experience, enjoy and be inspired by the paintings in this collection.

The paintings in this collection belong to the nation and through outreach projects we broadly aim to promote social and cultural inclusion for people of all ages. Projects focus on people who might not visit the Gallery ordinarily and those who cannot visit independently.

Partnerships and workshops

The National Gallery has developed partnerships with numerous charities and organisations that provide services for a wide range of community groups.

All projects start with close observation and discussion of paintings from the National Gallery’s collection. Workshops take place either in the Gallery or off-site in London and the regions.

Outreach projects provide inspiring opportunities to experience and enjoy the collection, and creatively respond to the paintings. They also enable participants to gain confidence and develop new knowledge and skills.

Contact us

For further details please contact us on 020 7747 2502 or