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Exhibition catalogue
Learn about 'Poussin and the Dance' in the beautifully illustrated exhibition catalogue
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Learn how Poussin danced his own dance between sculpture, wax, ink and oil paint, and see how he continues to inspire artists today
Serious, cold, academic. That's often how Poussin is perceived, but look closer and you'll see an artist whose works are joyous, mischievous, and surprisingly fun...
Watch the performances of 'Dance to the Music of Our Time', a live exhibition presented alongside 'Poussin and the Dance'
A conversation with our curator
Priyesh Mistry explains how four contemporary artists have followed in Poussin's footsteps to use dance and movement as a form of storytelling
A live exhibition presenting the work of Hetain Patel, Florence Peake, Zadie Xa and Benito Mayor Vallejo
For the first time in its 121-year history, The Wallace Collection will lend Poussin's most celebrated dance painting