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Working at the Gallery: 'Hero Paintings'

 John Virtue Home Working at the Gallery: 'Hero Paintings'
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Black and white photographs of John Virtue's 'Hero Paintings' on his studio wall. Photo © The National Gallery, London.
* The two smaller photographs are not in the National Gallery collection.

'It's how I see': John Virtue on working in black and white, and using black and white reproductions of his 'Hero Paintings'.

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 Photograph of John Virtue

A lot of the paintings I know very well in this gallery. One could go as far to say that I'm haunted by them, deeply moved by them and they have been touchstones, anchors in my career over the last twenty-five years at least.

They are somehow the perfect condensed thesaurus of how to make a landscape painting, how to react to this tradition and go beyond it - to further it by attacking it.

And I could say - I do know this now from doing it - that more familiarity does not breed contempt. It breeds a deeper and deeper love; a spiritual experience.