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Image of 'Perseus Turning Phineas to Stone' by Giordano, early 1680's.
Best-selling novelist Alan Gibbons worked with Year 8 pupils from Brentford School for Girls, and from Hounslow Manor School.

Here, he explains why he chose the painting:
"I selected Giordano’s Perseus turning Phineas and his Followers to Stone. It was an obvious choice as I had written about the incident in my novel Shadow of the Minotaur, the first book in the Legendeer trilogy and a Blue Peter Book Award winner."

"I took the students to the painting, a huge, dramatic image. Various pupils created a freeze-frame tableau, re-enacting the event in the painting. We discussed the various elements of colour and composition that gave the painting its sense of drama."

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Image of 'Perseus Turning Phineas to Stone' by Giordano, early 1680's.Click here for About the Painting.
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