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January 2018

Detail from Jan van der Heyden: 'View of the Westerkerk, Amsterdam', probably 1660
Lunchtime talk

Wednesday 10 January, 1–1.30pm

Room 19
Family Activities in the Gallery
Families under–5s
Ages 3–17 months

Wednesday 10 January, 1–1.45pm

Pigott Education Centre Foyer
Detail from Jan van Eyck, Portrait of Giovanni(?) Arnolfini and his Wife, 1434

12–13 January 2018

Sainsbury Wing Lecture Theatre
Talk and draw

Friday 12 January, 1–2pm

Room 40
Surviving Picasso © Merchant Ivory Productions
Members' event

Friday 12 January, 6.30–845pm (doors open 6pm)

Sainsbury Wing Theatre
Detail from William Orpen, ‘The Mirror’, 1900 © Tate: Presented by Mrs Coutts Michie through the Art Fund in memory of the George McCulloch Collection 1913
Lunchtime talk

Monday 15 January, 1–1.45pm

Sainsbury Wing Theatre
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