Tweet Titian! — The Winners

During 'Metamorphosis: Titian 2012' we set a challenge to write a poem inspired by Titian’s 'Diana and Actaeon', 'The Death of Actaeon' and 'Diana and Callisto' in 140 characters or less.

The Winner

With over 150 entries from all over the world, it was a tough job for the judges to choose the best Twitter poem. Read the winners' poems below, along with feedback from the judges.

Jacqueline Saphra @jsaphra

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How his painted virgins lie, suckling plump and ripe for sin: a blush of flesh, a yielding eye to coax each passing stranger in.



Steffen Hope @HopeSteffen

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Tracks leading down the selvage woodland path. Clean bones; silence; the antlers his cenotaph.


Martin Haden @genieemartin

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Our master took us hunting as his hounds we did not stray but spying Diana’s naked form Actaeon became our prey


Christina Farley @ChristinaGeek

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I spied her bath, was hounded to my death- in Ovid, but the painter had it right; an arrow killed me- Cupid in vermillion &white


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