The Vitreous Spectrum: Colour in Glass and Ceramic Glazes

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The Vitreous Spectrum: Colour in Glass and Ceramic Glazes

Date and time

Monday 21 July, 1–1.45pm

Sainsbury Wing Theatre

Andrew Meek

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Glass and ceramic glazes are found in a seemingly endless range of colours. Using modern techniques it is possible to identify the colourants used by the makers of these materials during the last 5000 years. This talk examines how their recipes have developed and what this can tell us about the objects they produced.

Andrew Meek

Andrew Meek is a scientist at the British Museum Research Laboratory and specialises in the study of glass, glaze, enamel and faience. He has co-edited two conference publications 'The Renaissance Workshop: The Materials and Techniques of Renaissance Art' and 'Historical Technology, Materials and Conservation: SEM and Microanalysis'. 

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Image above: Detail from Della Robbia family, 'Kneeling Angel holding a Candlestick', c.1500 50 © The Fitzwilliam Museum