Veronese and Tiepolo

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Veronese and Tiepolo

Date and time

Monday 19 May, 1–1.45pm

Sainsbury Wing Theatre

Ben Street

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Giovanni Battista Tiepolo was known in his time as 'Veronese redivio' - a new Veronese. The earlier artist's influence certainly supplied Tiepolo with the visual apparatus he needed for his grand scale painting schemes, from the use of architecture as narrative aid, to the lush pageantry of courtly trappings.

Yet Tiepolo's Venice wasn't Veronese's, and the degree to which he deviated from Veronese's example highlights their contextual differences, as well as providing an insight into the nature of artistic influence.

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Image above: Detail from Paolo Veronese, 'The Conversion of Mary Magdalene', about 1548