History of Art and Art & Design

History of Art and Art & Design

Tower of London and the National Gallery

Date and time

Wednesdays 1 October, 5 November, 3 December 2014 and 18 March 2015


11am – 4pm (morning session at the Tower of London, afternoon at the National Gallery)

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An exciting opportunity for students and teachers to closely engage with two great artworks of the 14th century and learn from the experts who care for them.

Historic Royal Palaces Tower of London and the National Gallery have teamed up to offer your students a unique study day designed specifically to support the following History of Art and Art & Design courses:

  • History of Art: AS/A2 level and Pre-U
  • Art & Design: AS/A2 level

The study day

Students will be introduced to two rare surviving works of art made in England in the 14th century during the reign of Richard II:

Tower of London

Students will have exclusive access to the Byward Tower which is not currently open to the general public. Here, students will view the wall painting in situ where they will begin to piece together the story of this rare installation. Investigative skills will be strengthened as students begin to discuss and develop a contextual understanding of why and how it was painted.

National Gallery

The day continues at the National Gallery with a close viewing of 'The Wilton Diptych' and a discussion in comparison with other paintings in the Gallery’s collection. Students will then explore the techniques of pigment mixing through practical demonstrations in the Pigott Education Centre's Creative Space.

A plenary at the end of the day will recap on how to apply the considered examples and relevant skills to study and exams.

Curriculum links

Themes in History of Art:

  • Subjects and genres, materials, techniques and processes, form and style, historical and social contexts, patronage
  • Investigation and interpretation: Art and architecture in 13th- and 14th-century Europe

Themes in Art & Design:

  • Making and materials: painting, drawing, mixed media – materials, processes and technologies from the past
  • Communication and advertising: communicating power and patronage – how ideas, feelings and meanings can be conveyed in images and artefacts; how images and artefacts relate to the time and place in which they were made and to their social and cultural contexts
  • Textile design: domestic textiles and wall painting – how the Byward Tower wall painting was created to resemble 14th-century luxurious silk textiles
  • 3D design: Environmental and interior design – the Byward Tower wall painting; product design – 'The Wilton Diptych'

Further information and booking

Find out more about the Study day for students (History of Art and Art & Design) in association with the National Gallery. [External link]

Book your place by phone, fax, email, or via the online booking form. Full details about the three-step booking process are available at the Historic Royal Palaces booking page. [External link]

In partnership with: 

Historic Royal Palaces Tower of London 

Image above: Detail from English or French (?), The Wilton Diptych, about 1395-9.