Slow art: Rococo frivolity? Watteau’s 'Scale of Love'

Monday 4 September, 2–4pm

Sainsbury Wing Guided Tour Meeting Point

Marc Woodhead

£28/£27 conc./£25 Members

‘Stop thinking about art as objects and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences’, said Mark Rothko.

It takes time for a painting to yield its secrets. Looking slowly at art can lead to discoveries, such as sensory observations, personal and intellectual insights, and emotional responses.

Join Marc Woodhead to look intensely at a single painting. Be curious, listen to others, share thoughts, be moved, and above all, savour the experience at these eye-opening and inspiring sessions.

We consider the painting's original meaning and explore the validity of our personal encounter with art. Can we experience paintings on our own terms?

Sessions include a Gallery visit and a discussion in a conference room.

In this session we reflect on Watteau's The Scale of Love. Is the subject of this painting superficial, mysterious or profound?

Image above: Jean-Antoine Watteau, Scale of Love, 1715–18