Rubens's 'Peace and War'

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Rubens's 'Peace and War'

A Longer Look

Date and time

Saturday 21 September, 10.30am–1pm

Sainsbury Wing Conference Room 1

Rebecca Lyons

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A screening of The Leopard on Saturday 5 October complements this month's course.

A Longer Look

What would we discover if we took a longer look at just one painting?

Each session in this new monthly series will focus on a single work, revealing what is often overlooked or unseen at first glance. You will explore the composition of the painting in depth and learn how it fits into its time and place.

Sessions usually feature a talk in front of the painting and discussion in the conference room. Places are limited in order to facilitate discussion and sharing ideas.

These courses also link to our new film screenings on the first Saturday of each month.