Discovering the Italian Trecento in the 19th Century

Discovering the Italian Trecento in the 19th Century

A Love Affair with 14th-Century Italy

Date and time

Saturday 2 March, 10am–5pm

Wallace Collection Lecture Theatre

Past conference

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Day Two

Today's conference will focus on the effect of the new interest in early Italian art on architecture and the decorative arts as well as literature and music forms.

This event forms part of a two-day conference at the National Gallery and Wallace Collection which focuses on the ‘discovery’ of late medieval and early Renaissance Italy – the age of writers Dante and Petrarch and the painter Giotto.

Find out more about Day One, hosted by the National Gallery.


Day Two: Programme



Introduction: Adriana Turpin, Academic Director, Institut d'Etudes Supérieures des Arts

Welcome to the Wallace Collection: Jeremy Warren, Director of Collections and Academic Curator of Sculpture, Works of Art and the History of the Collection, Wallace Collection

The Promotion of the Trecento through Writing


 'Cutting the Gordian knot: women writers and the "rediscovery" of the Primitives' – Dr Caroline Palmer, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford


 '"...a monument of the spirit of the early artists...": the first monograph on Giotto’s Arena Chapel' – Carly Collier, PhD candidate, University of Warwick


'Women artists at the British School at Rome and the Italian Trecento' – Dr Lyrica Taylor, Azusa Pacific University, California


'Etienne Evariste Fouret (1807-1863), a French collector, amateur and connoisseur of Trecento paintings' – Corentin Dury, École du Louvre, Paris




End of morning session and lunch break (lunch not provided)

Disseminating Information about Trecento Art in the 19th Century


'"Ideal and spiritual": the Arundel Society and the Trecento' – Dr Tanya Harrod, independent historian


'Le Campora, 1908: discovering a Trecento fresco cycle and early pioneering photographic campaigns' – Dr Laura Fenelli, Università degli Studi, Bologna


'Casting the Pisani: The Cast Court at the South Kensington Museum and its loans programme to the regions' – Dr Rebecca Wade, University of Leeds





Dealing in Trecento Art During the 19th Century


'Primitive art and curious objects: mid-19th-century antique and curiosity dealers and the trade in early Italian art in Britain' – Dr Mark Westgarth, University of Leeds


'American collecting, Stefano Bardini and the art of supply in late-19th-century Florence' – Dr Lynn Catterson, Columbia University


Full panel discussion: chaired by Caroline Elam, with Professor Martin McLaughlin, Dr Hans Bloemsma and Dr Louise Bourdua


 End of Conference Day Two


Venice Conference: 15–16 November 2013

The conference will hold its final two-day session at the University of Warwick in Venice and at the Scuola Dottorale Interateneo Storia delle Arti.

Topics to be discussed include 19th-century European responses to trecento architecture, sculpture, music, history and artistic techniques.

Further details will be distributed at the London sessions on 1–2 March.

Image above: Detail from Duccio, The Virgin and Child with Saints Dominic and Aurea,
about 1312-15 (?)