Discovering the Italian Trecento in the 19th Century

Discovering the Italian Trecento in the 19th Century

A Love Affair with 14th-Century Italy

Date and time

1-2 March 2013, The National Gallery and Wallace Collection

Past conference

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This two-day conference will focus on the ‘discovery’ of late medieval and early Renaissance Italy – the age of writers Dante and Petrarch and the painter Giotto.

Although the artistic culture of the 14th century had previously been dismissed as ‘primitive’ or ‘ugly’, it became an inspiration for the fine and applied arts and architecture in the 19th century.

On Day One, hear from a panel of speakers at the National Gallery on themes ranging from the historic interpretation of the trecento in the 19th century to the impact it had on artists and collectors of the period.

Day Two, hosted by the Wallace Collection, will focus on the effect of this new interest in early Italian art on architecture and the decorative arts as well as literature and music.

Image above: Detail from Duccio, The Virgin and Child with Saints Dominic and Aurea,
about 1312-15 (?)