Technical Bulletin

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The National Gallery Technical Bulletin, first published in 1977, has achieved a leading position in the study of the materials and techniques of painting, and the scientific examination of paintings. Published annually, it is essential reading for conservators, conservation scientists, art historians, collectors and curators.

Drawing on the combined expertise of curators, scientists and conservators, it brings together a wealth of information about artists materials, practices and techniques.

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Series editor: Ashok Roy

  1. In this volume: multi-purpose conservation table – Martin van Heemskerck – Quentin Massys – Gainsborough – Lorenzo Monaco – measuring colour change – paint media
  2. In this volume: Tura's 'Allegorical Figure' – an updated packing design – Vincent van Gogh – Samuel van Hoogstraten – fluorescent lamps – paint media
  3. In this volume: Cima da Conegliano – Wright of Derby – Ercole de' Roberti – Dieric Bouts's techniques – glazes, pigments and paints – pictures cleaned and restored
  4. In this volume: fluorescent lamps – Impressionist paintings – Nardo di Cione – Cima da Conegliano – George Stubbs's mediums – lining and colour change – paint media
  5. In this volume: proteinaceous binders – Raphael – Tintoretto – Ugolino di Nerio – packing: a case study – panel trays – pictures cleaned and restored
  6. In this volume: Manet's 'The Waitress' – 'The Death of the Virgin' – Rubens – Altdorfer's 'Christ Taking Leave of His Mother' – paint media
  7. In this volume: organic mass-spectrometry – du Jardin – Rubens' 'The Watering Place' – Canaletto – Hogarth – pictures cleaned and restored
  8. In this volume: environmental control – Monet – Dosso Dossi – Goya – Francesco del Cossa – wax-resin lining – pictures cleaned and restored
  9. In this volume: Perugino's Certosa di Pavia altarpiece – Tintoretto – blanching – George Stubbs – paint media – pictures cleaned and restored
  10. In this volume: Tintoretto – penetration of radiation into old paint films – Moroni – laser microspectral analysis – Gerard David – paint media
  11. In this volume: the conservation department – Bellini – Titian – reflectance spectrophotometry – Giovanni di Paolo – oxygen starvation – organic analysis