Technical Bulletin

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The National Gallery Technical Bulletin, first published in 1977, has achieved a leading position in the study of the materials and techniques of painting, and the scientific examination of paintings. Published annually, it is essential reading for conservators, conservation scientists, art historians, collectors and curators.

Drawing on the combined expertise of curators, scientists and conservators, it brings together a wealth of information about artists materials, practices and techniques.

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Series editor: Ashok Roy

  1. In this volume: Fra Angelico – Garofalo's technique – Daubigny – the blackening of vermilion – X-ray images of paintings – MARC II camera – adhesives and gap fillers
  2. In this volume: Paolo Uccello – Vincenzo Foppa – Ercole de' Roberti – Andrea del Sarto's technique – colour change in 'The Conversion of the Magdalen' – varnish
  3. In this volume: Michael Pacher – fluorite – a Virgin and Child from Dürer's workshop? – Lorenzo Monaco – Cima da Conegliano – discovery of an original varnish – pollution
  4. In this volume: the painter's trade in the 17th century – Van Dyck's technique – Van Dyck's paint medium – Rubens's 'Peace and War' – the Rubens studio
  5. In this volume: 'The Ambassadors' – Paolo Uccello – Peyron – Caravaggio – Lorenzo Lotto – shock and vibration during the transportation of paintings – paint media
  6. In this volume: Northern European painting, 1400–1550 – Stephan Lochner – Rogier van der Weyden – Gossaert's 'Adoration of the Kings' – Wolf Huber
  7. In this volume: Giampietrino and Boltraffio – Florentine panel paintings – Veronese – red lake pigments – colour change – paint media – pictures cleaned and restored
  8. In this volume: Veronese – the Carracci Cartoons – Jan van Eyck – reflectograms – photographic flash – paint media – FTIR-microscopy – pictures cleaned and restored
  9. In this volume: Holbein – 'The Virgin and Child before a Firescreen' – Tiepolo – Tura – Fabritius – Rembrandt – light-induced colour changes – protective glass
  10. In this volume: Raphael's 'Garvagh Madonna' – Laurent de la Hyre – Canaletto – Bramantino – Prussian blue – the VASARI project – pictures cleaned and restored
  11. In this volume: the restoration of the Leonardo Cartoon – Carlo Crivelli – Caspar David Friedrich – ultra-violet filters – paint media – pictures cleaned and restored