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The National Gallery Monthly Podcast

Each monthly episode takes you behind the scenes at the Gallery, and features news of current and forthcoming exhibitions and events, exclusive interviews and special offers.
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  1. Episode Ninety Six (October 2014)

    Episode Ninety Six (October 2014)

    A sneak preview of the Gallery’s much-anticipated autumn exhibition, ‘Rembrandt: The Late Works’. Plus, fashion tips from Madame de Pompadour.
  2. Episode Ninety Five (September 2014)

    Episode Ninety Five (September 2014)

    A visit to the Gallery's 'pocket collection' to see 400 years of art in a single space. Plus, Raphael's dreams and Caravaggio's nightmares.
  3. Episode Ninety Four (August 2014)

    Episode Ninety Four (August 2014)

    As 'Making Colour' continues, we get up close to some of the world's rarest pigments. Plus, a luminous pastel by Rosalba Carriera.
  4. Episode Ninety Three (July 2014)

    Episode Ninety Three (July 2014)

    A first look at the 'Making Colour' exhibition, how Renaissance buildings can tell a story, and new Associate Artist George Shaw on naughty nymphs.
  5. Episode Ninety Two (June 2014)

    Episode Ninety Two (June 2014)

    Discover a display of drawings by Frank Auerbach in the Espresso Bar. Plus, anxious art by Pontormo and why Poussin is worth the effort.
  6. Episode Ninety One (May 2014)

    Episode Ninety One (May 2014)

    Spring-cleaning at the National Gallery, a sharp-toothed Venetian sea monster and the impossible buildings of Renaissance art.
  7. Episode Ninety (April 2014)

    Episode Ninety (April 2014)

    A chat with Veronese curator Xavier Salomon, an art historian under fire and a last look at The Sunflowers display.
  8. Episode Eighty Nine (March 2014)

    Episode Eighty Nine (March 2014)

    The Veronese exhibition launches. Plus cooking tips for Lent from Velázquez and when is an altarpiece like a jigsaw?
  9. Episode Eighty Eight (February 2014)

    Episode Eighty Eight (February 2014)

    Why German Renaissance art made the Victorians blanch, plus painting in the snow and a reunion for Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'.
  10. Episode Eighty Seven (January 2014)

    Episode Eighty Seven (January 2014)

    Cézanne and his papa, plus why Manet's packing his bags and a preview of this spring's exhibitions at the Gallery.

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