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The National Gallery Monthly Podcast

Each monthly episode takes you behind the scenes at the Gallery, and features news of current and forthcoming exhibitions and events, exclusive interviews and special offers.
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  1. Episode Eighty Seven (January 2014)

    Episode Eighty Seven (January 2014)

    Cézanne and his papa, plus why Manet′s packing his bags and a preview of this spring′s exhibitions at the Gallery.
  2. Episode Eighty Six (December 2013)

    Episode Eighty Six (December 2013)

    Edmund de Waal gets out the family photo album, Rembrandt falls in love, and the Magi get a makeover.
  3. Episode Eighty Five (November 2013)

    Episode Eighty Five (November 2013)

    A rare chance to see a lapis lazuli masterpiece, plus career guidance from Bellini and a tragic self-portrait by Gerstl.
  4. Episode Eighty Four (October 2013)

    Episode Eighty Four (October 2013)

    Unveiling a new exhibition of Viennese portraiture. Plus: tailor Patrick Grant sizes up Moroni and why all the best-dressed saints wear Pisanello.
  5. Episode Eighty Three (September 2013)

    Episode Eighty Three (September 2013)

    Natalie Haynes on Guercino's sibyls, Jonathan Jones on falling in love in the Renaissance, plus 17th-century socks and sandals.
  6. Episode Eighty Two (August 2013)

    Episode Eighty Two (August 2013)

    Rembrandt lays it on thick, Titian goes truckin’, and Vermeer gets a musical accompaniment, courtesy of the Academy of Ancient Music.
  7. Episode Eighty One (July 2013)

    Episode Eighty One (July 2013)

    Lucian Freud’s gift to the nation of a priceless Corot. Plus life-drawing and Dutch musicians with rock-god hair.
  8. Episode Eighty (June 2013)

    Episode Eighty (June 2013)

    Vermeer… the musical? Discover the links between music and Dutch art. Plus Gainsborough’s technique and masterpieces from the Barber Institute.
  9. Episode Seventy Nine (May 2013)

    Episode Seventy Nine (May 2013)

    Artist Michael Landy reanimates the saints for a new generation, plus a last chance to see Barocci’s masterpieces, and the man who discovered Rembrandt.
  10. Episode Seventy Eight (April 2013)

    Episode Seventy Eight (April 2013)

    A stunning Barocci masterpiece for Easter, plus experience a painting through 13th-century eyes, and sibling rivalry with Raeburn.

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