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Workshop of the Master of 1518: 'The Flight into Egypt'
This painting is part of the group: Two Panels from an Altarpiece

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Mary, Joseph and Jesus are shown travelling to Egypt. In the background are shown the Miracles of the Corn and of the Statue (legends associated with the Flight into Egypt). In the first, corn sprang up miraculously overnight so labourers could tell soldiers looking for the family that they had passed by before the corn had grown, and so mislead them into thinking this was long ago. Statues of pagan idols were said to have fallen as the Holy Family passed by. The Massacre of the Innocents is also shown, from which the Holy Family preserved the infant Jesus by their escape to Egypt.

This panel and 'The Visitation of the Virgin to Saint Elizabeth', by the same workshop, are from the same altarpiece.

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