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Sandro Botticelli: 'Three Miracles of Saint Zenobius'
This painting is part of the group: Two Spalliera Panels
This painting and 'Four Scenes from the Early Life of Saint Zenobius' are from a series illustrating the life of the 5th-century bishop Zenobius, one of Florence's patron saints, perhaps made as domestic decorations for a patrician family (two other panels from the series survive).

The panels illustrate episodes from Fra Clemente Mazza's 'Life of Saint Zenobius', first printed in 1487.

From left to right: the saint exorcises devils from two youths posssessed as a result of their mother's curse; he resurrects a dead boy, here lying in the lap of his wailing mother; and he restores the sight of a blind pagan who had promised to convert to Christianity.

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