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Sometimes the true quality of a painting is masked by dirt, discoloured varnish, or old retouchings. Or sometimes a work by a significant artist is ignored simply because it stands apart from the rest of their practice.

Close Examination: Fakes, Mistakes and Discoveries showcases masterpieces which have been recovered and restored to their original glory.

The paintings explored in these case studies represent some of the Gallery’s greatest triumphs:

  1. Feature
    Find out about the techniques used to re-establish the authenticity of a lost Raphael
  2. Feature
    Two versions of this frozen landscape are known – which is the original?
  3. Feature
    What amazing surprise was awaiting restorers of this tiny painting?
  4. Feature
    Find out how a prized canvas by Veronese was rediscovered under layers of dark varnish
  5. Feature
    How did scientific examination eliminate doubts about this painting's authenticity?
  6. Feature
    Discover how a forgotten Botticelli was brought to light by a new restoration
  7. Feature
    Follow the changing fortunes of this 15th-century painting