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Luca Signorelli: 'The Triumph of Chastity: Love Disarmed and Bound'
This painting is part of the group: Three Frescoes from Palazzo del Magnifico, Siena
This is one of a series of edifying historical, legendary and allegorical subjects painted in a room in the Petrucci palace in Siena in about 1509. Two others - 'Penelope with the Suitors' by Pintoricchio and 'Coriolanus persuaded by his Family to spare Rome' also by Signorelli - are in the National Gallery.

The subject of this work is taken from the 'Trionfi' (Triumphs) by Petrarch. The god of love is shown bound by Laura, the ideal chaste woman of Petrarch's poetry. She is assisted by Lucretia and Penelope, chaste heroines of antiquity. The Roman heroes Caesar and Scipio Africanus look on. In the distance, Chastity exhibits her prisoner in her triumphal car.

The banner of the ladies is a pure white ermine on a green background.

Other paintings in this group: Three Frescoes from Palazzo del Magnifico, Siena

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