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Luca Signorelli: 'Coriolanus persuaded by his Family to spare Rome'
This painting is part of the group: Three Frescoes from Palazzo del Magnifico, Siena
This is one of a series of edifying historical, legendary and allegorical subjects painted in a room in the Petrucci palace in Siena in about 1509. Two others - 'Penelope with the Suitors' by Pintoricchio and 'The Triumph of Chastity' also by Signorelli - are in the National Gallery.

Here, the Volscians are besieging Rome. Their general is the exiled Roman, Coriolanus, who appears on the right, crowned with a wreath. He encounters a deputation of Roman matrons who come to beg him to spare Rome. They are led by Valeria (on the left), his mother Volumnia (with raised hand) and his wife Virgilia, who carries one of her children, while another child runs to greet him (Plutarch, 'Life of Coriolanus').

The paintings were much damaged when detached from the wall - hence the crumbly surface.

Other paintings in this group: Three Frescoes from Palazzo del Magnifico, Siena

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