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Attributed to Fiorenzo di Lorenzo: 'The Virgin and Child'

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The Child Jesus is shown standing on a carpet on a parapet. He holds a crystal orb and is gently supported by the Virgin Mary. Beyond a second parapet there is a distant landscape. The picture has also been attributed to Pintoricchio but this is unlikely. The composition is of a type associated with Verrocchio and his workshop.

The picture was almost certainly painted in Perugia and was previously thought to have been painted by Fiorenzo di Lorenzo, but it does not closely resemble those works certainly executed by him. It has also been attributed to the young Pintoricchio.

It was most likely painted by the artist responsible for two scenes from the story of Saint Bernardino which were once part of a tabernacle dedicated to the saint (currently in the Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria, Perugia). These are sometimes considered the work of the young Perugino, but this is far from certain. One of these scenes is dated 1473.

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