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Imitator of Fra Filippo Lippi: 'The Virgin and Child with an Angel'
The figure composition is taken from a painting by Filippo Lippi (Florence, Uffizi) and much of the detail (the elaborate veiled headdress of the Virgin and the curls of the infant Christ) is painted in his style. There are also affinities, especially in the angel, with paintings by Botticelli (about 1445 - 1510). The architecture has been laboriously plotted and much revised: numerous incised lines are visible when the picture is viewed obliquely. Underdrawing can be detected both in the angel's drapery and in Christ's hands.

The carved and gilt tabernacle frame of about 1480, on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum, was probably made in the Florentine workshop of Giuliano da Maiano (1432 - 1490). It was perhaps originally surmounted by a lunette (semi-circular frame).

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