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Girolamo Romanino: 'The Nativity'
This painting is part of the group: High Altarpiece, S. Alessandro, Brescia
This is one of the panels of the high altarpiece of the church of S. Alessandro, Brescia.

The solemnity of the central scene of the Nativity is relieved by a vision of rejoicing angels occupying the upper part of the panel. On either side, panels depict Saint Alessandro (lower left) and Saint Jerome in penitence (lower right) with his lion, a stone and a crucifix. Above these lateral panels are Saint Gaudioso (upper left) and Saint Filippo Benizzi (upper right). The strongly Venetian character of Romanino's work is most apparent in the heroic and richly coloured figure of Saint Alessandro, who is in the place of honour, at the right hand of the Holy Family, as befits the patron saint of the church.

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