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Followers of Gerard David: 'Saint Peter and a Donor'
This painting is part of the group: Two Shutters from a Triptych

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This panel and 'Saint Paul and a Donatrix' are shutters from the same triptych, the central panel of which is now lost. This, the left-hand panel, shows a male donor presented by Saint Peter who holds the keys of heaven. The right-hand panel shows a female donor (donatrix) presented by Saint Paul who holds the sword by which he was martyred. The donors' costumes suggest a date of around 1515. It is likely that the donors were husband and wife.

On the reverse two saints are shown in niches. On this panel Saint Jerome is shown with a lion and a book; on the other, Saint Nicholas is shown restoring three students to life.

The panels may be the work of two, or perhaps three, artists.

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Saint Paul and a Donatrix
Followers of Gerard David
probably about 1515
Saint Paul and a Donatrix

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