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Artist name
Italian: 'A Dead Soldier'
17th century
Lucas Cranach the Elder: 'Cupid complaining to Venus'
Lucas Cranach the Elder
about 1525
Peter Paul Rubens: 'A Roman Triumph'
Peter Paul Rubens
about 1630
1577 - 1640
Workshop of Dirk Bouts: 'Mater Dolorosa'
Workshop of Dirk Bouts
probably about 1470-5
1400? - 1475
Fra Filippo Lippi: 'The Annunciation'
Fra Filippo Lippi
about 1450-3
born about 1406; died 1469
Italian: 'Bust Portrait of Leonardo Rinaldi (?)'
perhaps about 1620
Nicolas Poussin: 'The Adoration of the Golden Calf'
Nicolas Poussin
1594 - 1665
Attributed to Sodoma: 'Head of Christ'
Probably by Sodoma
probably about 1525-50
1477 - 1549
Rembrandt: 'Portrait of Hendrickje Stoffels'
probably 1654-6
1606 - 1669
Adriaen van de Velde
1636 - 1672