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Artist name
Narcisse-Virgilio Diaz de la Peña: 'The Storm'
Narcisse-Virgilio Diaz de la Peña
Lodovico Mazzolino: 'The Nativity'
Ludovico Mazzolino
probably 1504-10
active 1504; died 1528?
Paolo Veronese, 'The Rape of Europa'
Paolo Veronese
about 1570
1528 - 1588
Bartolomeo Schedoni: 'The Holy Family'
Bartolomeo Schedoni
about 1613-15
1578 - 1615
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo: 'Four Saints'
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
before 1737
Master of the Palazzo Venezia Madonna: 'Saint Peter'
Master of the Palazzo Venezia Madonna
about 1350 (?)
active mid-14th century
Sir Thomas Lawrence, 'Portrait of the Hon. Emily Mary Lamb (1787‑1869), later Countess Cowper and Viscountess Palmerston', 1803
Sir Thomas Lawrence
1769 - 1830
1604/5? - 1682
Studio of Willem van de Velde: 'Calm: Two Dutch Vessels'
Studio of Willem van de Velde
probably after 1670
1633 - 1707
Attributed to Jean-Baptiste Perronneau: 'A Girl with a Kitten'
Probably by Jean-Baptiste Perronneau
1715/16 - 1783