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Artist name
Netherlandish: 'The Virgin and Child Enthroned'
Jan van Coninxloo and Associates
about 1530
active 1514; died probably after 1560
Lucas Cranach the Elder: 'Portrait of a Woman'
Lucas Cranach the Elder
about 1525
1633 - 1707
Vincent van Gogh: 'Van Gogh's Chair'
Vincent van Gogh
1853 - 1890
Attributed to Jacopo di Cione and workshop: 'Pentecost'
Jacopo di Cione and workshop
documented 1365; died 1398 -1400
Frans Hals, Portrait of a Young Woman
Frans Hals
probably 1650s
1582/3 - 1666
Imitator of Hendrick van Steenwyck the Younger: 'Interior of a Church at Night'
Imitator of Hendrick van Steenwyck the Younger
active by 1604; died 1649
Attributed to Palma Vecchio: 'Saint George and a Female Saint'
Italian, North
about 1510-20
Eugène Boudin: 'Beach Scene, Trouville'
Eugène Boudin
about 1870-4
1824 - 1898
Giovanni Bellini: 'The Virgin and Child'
Giovanni Bellini
probably 1480-1500
active about 1459; died 1516