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Artist name
Attributed to Catharina van Hemessen: 'A Lady with a Rosary'
Louis-Gustave Ricard: 'The Countess of Desart as a Child'
Louis-Gustave Ricard
probably 1870-1
1823 - 1873
Emile-Jean-Horace Vernet: 'The Battle of Jemappes'
Emile-Jean-Horace Vernet
Ercole de' Roberti: 'The Adoration of the Shepherds'
Ercole de' Roberti
about 1490
active 1479; died 1496
Italian, North: 'A Man holding an Armless Statuette'
Italian, North
before 1640
Follower of Jean-François Millet: 'Landscape with Buildings'
Follower of Jean-François Millet
after 1860
1814 - 1875
Cornelius Johnson: 'Portrait of a Lady'
Cornelius Johnson
1593 - 1661
Bartholomeus Bruyn the Elder: 'The Virgin, Saints and a Holy Woman'
Bartholomeus Bruyn the Elder
probably 1530-40
Philippe Rousseau: 'Still Life with Oysters'
Philippe Rousseau
probably 1875-87
1816 - 1887