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Artist name
Netherlandish: 'Portrait of a Bearded Man'
Follower of Anthonis Mor
about 1560-80
born between 1516 and 1521; died 1576/7
NG1495 Lodovico Mazzolino, Christ disputing with the Doctors
Ludovico Mazzolino
probably about 1520-5
active 1504; died 1528?
about 1481 - 1559
Italian: 'Bust Portrait of Leonardo Rinaldi (?)'
perhaps about 1620
Anthony van Dyck: 'Portrait of the Abbé Scaglia'
Anthony van Dyck
1599 - 1641
Jan Brueghel the Elder: 'The Adoration of the Kings'
Jan Brueghel the Elder
Paris Bordone: 'Christ as the Light of the World'
Paris Bordone
about 1550
1500 - 1571
Paolo Morando: 'The Virgin and Child with the Baptist and an Angel'
Paolo Morando
probably about 1514-18
about 1486/8 - 1522
Nicolaes Maes: 'The Idle Servant'
Nicolaes Maes
1634 - 1693
Otto Franz Scholderer: 'Lilac'
Otto Franz Scholderer
about 1860-1902
1834 - 1902