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Artist name
Ercole de' Roberti: 'The Institution of the Eucharist'
Ercole de' Roberti
probably 1490s
active 1479; died 1496
1633 - 1707
Moretto da Brescia: 'Saint Joseph'
Moretto da Brescia
about 1540
about 1498 - 1554
Adolphe Monticelli: 'Fountain in a Park'
Adolphe Monticelli
about 1875-80
1824 - 1886
Master of the Castello Nativity: 'The Nativity'
Master of the Castello Nativity
about 1457
active mid 15th century
Jan van Goyen: 'A River Landscape'
Jan van Goyen
1596 - 1656
Anton Sminck van Pitloo: 'View of the Aventine Hill from the Palatine'
Anton Sminck van Pitloo
about 1811-15
Pierre-Cécile Puvis de Chavannes: 'A Maid combing a Woman's Hair'
Pierre-Cécile Puvis de Chavannes
about 1883
Jacopo Bassano: 'The Good Samaritan'
Jacopo Bassano
about 1562-3
active about 1535; died 1592