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Artist name
Jacob Weier: 'Cavalry attacked by Infantry'
Jacob Weier
active 1645; died 1670
Ambrogio Lorenzetti: 'A Group of Poor Clares'
Ambrogio Lorenzetti
possibly about 1336-40
active 1319; died 1348/9
Attributed to Abraham van Calraet: 'A Boy holding a Grey Horse'
Probably by Abraham van Calraet
probably 1670-1722
1642 - 1722
Sir Joshua Reynolds: 'Anne, 2nd Countess of Albemarle'
Sir Joshua Reynolds
about 1760
1723 - 1792
Liberale da Verona: 'The Virgin and Child with Two Angels'
Liberale da Verona
probably about 1490-1510
about 1445 - 1527/9
Hieronymus Bosch: 'Christ Mocked (The Crowning with Thorns)'
Hieronymus Bosch
about 1510
living 1474; died 1516
Attributed to Lorenzo Veneziano: 'The Madonna of Humility with Saints Mark and John'
Lorenzo Veneziano
about 1366-70
documented 1353 - 1379
Gaspard Dughet: 'Landscape with Elijah and the Angel'
Gaspard Dughet
about 1663
1615 - 1675
1612 - 1666
active 1484; died 1523