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Artist name
Willem van de Velde: 'An English Vessel and Dutch Ships Becalmed'
Willem van de Velde
about 1660
1633 - 1707
Luis Paret: 'View of El Arenal de Bilbao'
Luis Paret
1746 - 1799
Imitator of Fra Filippo Lippi: 'The Virgin and Child with an Angel'
Imitator of Fra Filippo Lippi
about 1480
born about 1406; died 1469
Piero della Francesca: 'The Nativity'
Piero della Francesca
about 1415/20 - 1492
Filippo Mazzola: 'The Virgin and Child with Saints'
Filippo Mazzola
after 1494-1505
active 1490; died 1505
1634 - 1705
Attributed to Josephus Augustus Knip: 'Green Mountains'
Probably by Josephus Augustus Knip
around 1810
Italian Venetian Christ carrying the Cross
Italian, Venetian
about 1500
Italian: 'Portrait of an Old Man'
early 16th century
Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld: 'Ruth in Boaz's Field'
Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld