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Artist name
Italian, Neapolitan
Ugolino di Nerio: 'Two Angels'
Ugolino di Nerio
possibly 1325-8
documented 1317-27; died possibly 1329
John Warrington Wood: 'Sir Austen Henry Layard'
John Warrington Wood
1839 - 1886
Louis-Gabriel-Eugène Isabey: 'Grandfather's Birthday'
Louis-Gabriel-Eugène Isabey
Lodovico Mazzolino: 'The Nativity'
Ludovico Mazzolino
probably 1504-10
active 1504; died 1528?
Anthony van Dyck: 'Portrait of the Abbé Scaglia'
Anthony van Dyck
1599 - 1641
Circle of the Master of Liesborn: 'Saint Dorothy'
Circle of the Master of Liesborn
late 15th century
active second half of the 15th century
Workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio
about 1470-5
about 1435 - 1488
Attributed to Justus Sustermans: 'Portrait of a Man'
Possibly by Justus Sustermans
probably 1649
1597 - 1681
Attributed to Simon de Vos: 'The Raising of Lazarus'
Possibly by Simon de Vos
1603 - 1676