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Artist name
Jacob van Ruisdael: 'A Road winding between Trees towards a Distant Cottage'
Jacob van Ruisdael
probably 1645-50
1628/9? - 1682
Philippe Rousseau: 'Still Life with Oysters'
Philippe Rousseau
probably 1875-87
1816 - 1887
1420/2(?) - 1497
Nicolas Poussin: 'Cephalus and Aurora'
Nicolas Poussin
about 1630
1594 - 1665
After Caspar Netscher: 'A Musical Party'
After Caspar Netscher
after 1665
1635/6 - 1684
Justus of Ghent and workshop, 'Rhetoric'
Justus of Ghent and workshop
probably 1470s
active about 1460 - 1480
1776 - 1837
Roelandt Savery: 'Flowers in a Glass'
Roelandt Savery
1576 - 1639
Frans van Mieris the Elder: 'Portrait of the Artist's Wife, Cunera van der Cock'
Frans van Mieris the Elder
about 1657-8
Frans van Mieris the Elder: 'A Woman in a Red Jacket feeding a Parrot'
Frans van Mieris the Elder
about 1663