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Emanuel de Witte: 'The Interior of the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam'
This is a fairly accurate view of the nave and south aisle of the Oude Kerk (St Nicholas), Amsterdam. The scene has been slightly altered by the artist: the small organ is incorrectly shown in the south aisle rather than in the north aisle were it was actually placed. The view is taken from the north aisle, almost exactly opposite the point from which de Witte's other view of the Oude Kerk in this Collection ('The Interior of the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, during a Sermon') was taken. The four evangelists, with their emblems, are in the centre window.

Typically for a Calvinist service, the congregation is seated around the pulpit which is located in the centre of the nave rather than facing the altar at the east end as is the case in the Roman Catholic church.

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