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Domenico Veneziano: 'Head of a Tonsured, Bearded Saint'
This painting is part of the group: Carnesecchi Tabernacle

A damaged fragment of a street tabernacle once on the Canto de' Carnesecchi, near the Piazza of Santa Maria Novella, Florence, painted by Domenico Veneziano in the 15th century. 'Head of a Tonsured, Beardless Saint' is a similar fragment from the tabernacle. The signed centre 'Virgin and Child Enthroned' is in the Collection.

Domenico Veneziano's assistant in 1439 was Piero della Francesca, several of whose works are also in the Collection.

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The Virgin and Child Enthroned
Domenico Veneziano
about 1440-4
The Virgin and Child Enthroned

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