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Cornelis van Poelenburgh: 'Women bathing in a Landscape'
This work has been attributed to Johan van Haensbergen (1642 - 1705), Poelenburgh's pupil, but recent cleaning confirmed that the monogram was authentic. It also revealed the original tonality of the sky and the detailed handling of the ruins. It is consistent with the mature work of Poelenburgh and can be dated around 1630 on stylistic grounds.

Poelenburgh was born in Utrecht and was trained by Abraham Bloemaert (1566 - 1651). He was in Italy for ten years from about 1617, working for the Grand Duke of Tuscany. His style was formed in Rome under the influnce of Adam Elsheimer (1578 - 1610) and his circle. He painted mainly Italianate ruins and nymphs, as well as some religious and mythological subjects.

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