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Attributed to Willem van Drielenburgh: 'A Landscape with a View of Dordrecht'

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The roofs of Dordrecht, seen from the south, are visible on the skyline. In the centre are the Grote Kerk (Great Church) and the Vuilpoort (one of the town's water gates, demolished in 1864). These buildings also appear in three landscapes by Aelbert Cuyp in the National Gallery's Collection ('The Large Dort', 'The Small Dort' and 'The Maas at Dordrecht in a Storm'). On the right is the Groothoofdspoort (a watergate which still survives), also shown in 'Scene on the Ice outside Dordrecht' by Calraet and 'A View across a River near Dordrecht ''(?)' by Bakhuizen.

This picture once bore a false signature of Aelbert Cuyp but is probably by Willem van Drielenburgh; the remains of the signature support this attribution. Although van Drielenburgh is not recorded in Dordrecht before 1668, the painting was probably painted earlier, about 1655-60.

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