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Attributed to Andrea Schiavone: 'Two Mythological Figures'
This painting is part of the group: Two Mythological Scenes

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This work, together with 'A Mythological Figure', is thought to have been painted for the sides of a chest or 'cassone' as companion picture to a painting now in Amiens.

This painting may depict the moment when Jupiter approaches the chaste nymph Callisto disguised as Diana in order to gain her trust.

On discovering her pregnancy by Jupiter, Diana punished Callisto by expelling her from her company of virgin handmaidens. Juno, the jealous wife of Jupiter, changed Callisto into a bear and she was nearly killed by her own son Arcas, when he was out hunting.

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Arcas Hunting
Andrea Schiavone
about 1550
Arcas Hunting

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