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Attributed to Andrea Schiavone: 'A Mythological Figure'
This painting is part of the group: Two Mythological Scenes

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This painting was formerly catalogued as 'Apollo killing the Python', but the subject has not been identified for certain.

This work, together with 'Two Mythological Figures', is thought to have been painted for the sides of a chest or 'cassone' as companion picture to a painting now in Amiens depicting Diana's detection of the pregnancy of her nymph Callisto. Jupiter first saw Callisto hunting (she may be the figure with a bow) and approached her in the guise of Diana (the other picture may show the moment when she realises who he is).

Schiavone was especially admired by connoisseurs for his lively handling of paint. Here gold has been used for light in the clouds and foliage as well as in the drapery.

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Jupiter seducing Callisto
Andrea Schiavone
about 1550
Jupiter seducing Callisto

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