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Andrea Previtali: 'The Virgin and Child adored by Two Angels'

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The Virgin and Child are seated behind a parapet. Christ is shown with two cherries. Two angels adore the Christ Child. This work has much in common with the paintings of Boccaccio Boccaccino, but the landscape appears more reminiscent of Previtali. A variant of the composition in the style of Boccaccino exists (Liphardt collection) and the work in this Collection is now tentatively thought to be by Previtali but based on a design by Boccaccino, presumably at the suggestion of the patron. This connection can be explained by the geographical proximity of Bergamo (Previtali's home from about 1512 until his death in 1528) to Cremona (Boccaccino's home from 1506 until his death about 1524-5).

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