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After Titian: ''The Gloria''

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This is an old copy, partly done from an engraving of 1566 by Cornelius Cort, after Titian's 'Gloria', which was dispatched from Venice to the Emperor Charles V in 1554 and is now in the Prado, Madrid.

God the Father and Son, with the Holy Ghost in the form of a dove, are seen on the clouds. Below are the Virgin, Saint John the Baptist (left), Charles V, the Empress Isabella and Philip II of Spain, together with Maria of Hungary, the Infanta Doña Juana and Titian. Ezekiel (on an eagle), Moses with the tablets, Noah with the Ark, Mary Magdalene(?) and King David, with a harp, are ranged across the bottom from left to right. The subject of the original, though sometimes described as the Trinity, is the Last Judgement.

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