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Abraham van Calraet: 'Scene on the Ice outside Dordrecht'

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Dordrecht is seen here from the north, across the river Maas. In the left background is the Groothoofdspoort, a watergate which still survives, although it was altered in the late 17th century. To the right of it is the the Grote Kerk which is largely unchanged today.

This painting perhaps derives from a view of Dordrecht in the background of a work by Aelbert Cuyp (Ascott, Buckinghamshire, National Trust) which was probably painted in the 1650s. Although the costumes in the painting are of the 1660s, the picture may have been executed later. Partly because of the parallels between the city views in this picture and in works by Cuyp, the painting has in the past been attributed to him.

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