The National Gallery is collaborating with the London Film School on 'Transcriptions: LFS Shorts', an innovative new project which involves second term students producing short 3-4 minute films inspired by the Gallery’s collection as part of their course.

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From the film-maker:


Rosa has painted himself with his head tilted to the side putting one side of his face in shadow. He also holds a sign in Latin saying, ‘Be silent, unless what you have to say is better than silence’, which reflects his personal stoic philosophy. The painting made me consider the way we create a personality for ourselves based around ideas we wish to embrace, yet this image will not be our true self, merely a constructed persona. My film is about a man who lives a life he feels he is supposed to live until his Shadow, or other self, tries to break away from him. The man believes the Shadow is reflection of his flaws, yet comes to see it was his dedication to the ‘persona’ that was his only real flaw.


Joanna Bence


A piece inspired by Salvatore Rosa, Self Portrait,about 1645

Me and How I Got Here
MovieMe and How I Got Here
Alexandru Grigoras
The Beginning Is Nigh
MovieThe Beginning Is Nigh
Rupert Van Den Broek
And the Kid
MovieAnd the Kid
Zaklin Lentzou
The Traveller
MovieThe Traveller
Welf Lindner
The Shadow
MovieThe Shadow
Joanna Bence
Selves Portrait
MovieSelves Portrait
Daniel Chaytor
Alexandra McGuiness
Connie Pui Kwan Wong
Not in July
MovieNot in July
Mónica Bravo
A Portrait of you
MovieA Portrait of you
Pierre-Alain Giraud
A Ruthless Canvas
MovieA Ruthless Canvas
Javier Correa