The National Gallery is collaborating with the London Film School on 'Transcriptions: LFS Shorts', an innovative new project which involves second term students producing short 3-4 minute films inspired by the Gallery’s collection as part of their course.

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From the film-maker:


The girl in the painting had something that captivated me: the melancholy in her eyes. The change of style within the picture also called my attention to it. Everything is painted with an impressionistic technique, impressionistic colours and loose brushwork, except the girl in the foreground. This helps to create the cinematic effect of soft focus and draws the viewer's attention to the girl on the left, producing an awkward composition. Later on I read that Renoir, disillusioned with Impressionism, returned to 'The Umbrellas' years later and repainted that figure. That mysterious girl was, then, the starting point for my story. Subsequently, I found something else that interested me as well: the man standing right behind her. It seems to me that he's looking admiringly at her face, although his position makes that impossible.


Elisa Cepedal García


A piece inspired by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Umbrellas, about 1881-6

Me and How I Got Here
MovieMe and How I Got Here
Alexandru Grigoras
The Beginning Is Nigh
MovieThe Beginning Is Nigh
Rupert Van Den Broek
And the Kid
MovieAnd the Kid
Zaklin Lentzou
The Traveller
MovieThe Traveller
Welf Lindner
The Shadow
MovieThe Shadow
Joanna Bence
Selves Portrait
MovieSelves Portrait
Daniel Chaytor
Alexandra McGuiness
Connie Pui Kwan Wong
Not in July
MovieNot in July
Mónica Bravo
A Portrait of you
MovieA Portrait of you
Pierre-Alain Giraud
A Ruthless Canvas
MovieA Ruthless Canvas
Javier Correa