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  • Sir Austen Henry Layard
Wouters, Franchoys
1612 - 1659/60
  • Nymphs surprised by Satyrs
Wouwermans, Jan
1629 - 1666
  • A Landscape with a Farm on the Bank of a River
  • A Dune Landscape with a River and Many Figures
  • A Horse being Shod outside a Village Smithy
  • A Stag Hunt
  • A Stream in the Dunes, with Two Bathers
  • A White Horse, and an Old Man binding Faggots
  • Cavalry making a Sortie from a Fort on a Hill
  • Cavalrymen halted at a Sutler's Booth
  • Seashore with Fishwives offering Fish
  • The Interior of a Stable
  • Two Horsemen at a Gipsy Encampment
  • Two Vedettes on the Watch by a Stream
  • Cavalry attacking Infantry