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  • A Boy seated Drawing
  • The Immaculate Conception with Two Donors
  • Cow-Shed and Houses on the Palatine Hill
  • Rome at Sunrise, from the Janiculum
  • The Four Ages of Man
Vallin, Jacques-Antoine
about 1760 - about 1835
  • Dr Forlenze
  • Christ contemplated by the Christian Soul
  • Christ in the House of Martha and Mary
  • Philip IV hunting Wild Boar (La Tela Real)
  • Philip IV of Spain
  • Philip IV of Spain in Brown and Silver
  • Portrait of Archbishop Fernando de Valdés
  • Saint John the Evangelist on the Island of Patmos
  • The Immaculate Conception
  • The Toilet of Venus ('The Rokeby Venus')
  • Two Paintings for the Shod Carmelites, Seville
  • A Farm with a Dead Tree
  • A Goat and a Kid
  • A Landscape with a Farm by a Stream
  • Animals near a Building
  • Golfers on the Ice near Haarlem
  • Peasants with Cattle fording a Stream
  • The Edge of a Wood
  • A Winter Landscape
  • Still Life: A Goblet of Wine, Oysters and Lemons
  • A Dutch Ship and Other Small Vessels in a Strong Breeze
  • A Dutch Ship coming to Anchor
  • A Dutch Ship, a Yacht and Smaller Vessels in a Breeze
  • A Dutch Vessel in a Strong Breeze
  • A Dutch Yacht saluting
  • A Small Dutch Vessel close-hauled in a Strong Breeze
  • An English Vessel and Dutch Ships Becalmed
  • Boats pulling out to a Yacht in a Calm
  • Dutch Ships and Small Vessels Offshore in a Breeze
  • Dutch Ships in a Calm
  • Dutch Vessels Inshore and Men Bathing
  • Dutch Vessels lying Inshore in a Calm, one Saluting
  • Small Dutch Vessels Aground at Low Water in a Calm
  • The Shore at Scheveningen
  • Three Ships in a Gale
  • Two Small Vessels and a Dutch Man-of-War in a Breeze
  • Calm: Two Dutch Vessels
  • Small Dutch Vessels in a Breeze
Velsen, Jacob van
about 1597 - 1656
  • A Musical Party
Vendri, Antonio da
about 1476/7 - 1555
  • The Giusti Family of Verona (?)
  • The Purification of the Temple
  • The Holy Family (Il Silenzio)
Verbeeck, Pieter
probably about 1610/15? - 1652/4
  • A White Horse standing by a Sleeping Man
  • A Young Woman seated at a Virginal
  • A Young Woman standing at a Virginal
  • A Scene on the Ice
Vermeyen, Jan Cornelisz.
about 1504; died 1559
  • Portrait of a Man (Alfonso de Valdés?)
  • A Landscape at Sunset
  • A River with Fishermen
  • A Sea-Shore
  • A Shipwreck in Stormy Seas
  • A Sporting Contest on the Tiber at Rome
  • Two Landscapes: A Sunset and a Storm
  • A Seaport
  • Four Battle Scenes
  • The Battle of Hanau
  • The Battle of Jemappes
  • The Battle of Montmirail
  • The Battle of Valmy
  • The Emperor Napoleon I
  • Four Allegories of Love
  • Happy Union
  • Respect
  • Scorn
  • The Adoration of the Kings
  • The Consecration of Saint Nicholas
  • The Conversion of Mary Magdalene
  • The Dream of Saint Helena
  • The Family of Darius before Alexander
  • The Rape of Europa
  • Unfaithfulness
  • The Virgin and Child with Two Angels
  • The Virgin and Child with Two Angels
  • Tobias and the Angel
  • Cavalry attacking a Fortified Place