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  • Lamentation of the Dead Christ
  • Manon Balletti
  • Portrait of a Man in Armour
Nazari, Nazario
1724 - after 1793
  • Andrea Tron
  • An Evening Service in a Church
  • View of a Chapel at Evening
  • A Frozen River by a Town at Evening
  • A Frozen River near a Village, with Golfers and Skaters
  • A Landscape with a River at Evening
  • A River Landscape with a Village
  • A River near a Town, by Moonlight
  • A View along a River near a Village at Evening
  • A Village by a River in Moonlight
  • An Evening Landscape with a Horse and Cart by a Stream
  • An Evening View near a Village
  • *
  • Judith
    Eglon Hendrik van der Neer
    about 1678
  • Judith
  • A Girl Writing
  • A Lady with a Rosary
  • A Little Girl with a Basket of Cherries
  • A Young Man Praying
  • Anna van Spangen, Wife of Adriaen van der Goes
  • Portrait of Andreas (?) Boulengier
  • Portrait of a Bearded Man
  • Portrait of a Girl with a Parrot
  • Portrait of a Man
  • The Birth of the Virgin (?)
  • The Magdalen (?)
  • The Virgin and Child Enthroned
  • The Virgin and Child in a Landscape
  • The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne
  • The Virgin and Child with Saints and Angels in a Garden
  • Three Men and a Little Girl
  • A Lady at a Spinning-wheel
  • A Lady teaching a Child to Read
  • Portrait of a Lady
  • Portrait of a Lady and a Girl
  • Two Boys blowing Bubbles
  • Portrait of a Young Man
  • A Musical Party
Neufchâtel, Nicolas de
active 1561 - 1567
  • Portrait of a Young Lady