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  • Portrait of a Lady
  • A Distant View of Tivoli
  • A Wall in Naples
  • Landscape with a Distant View of the Sea (Italy)
  • The Grotto at Posillipo
Jongh, Ludolf de
1616 - 1679
  • An Interior, with a Woman refusing a Glass of Wine
  • River Scene
  • The Boulevard de Port-Royal, Paris
  • Skating in Holland
  • Anna van Spangen, Wife of Adriaen van der Goes
  • The Virgin and Child with an Augustinian Canoness
  • The Holy Family
  • The Adoration of the Kings
  • Portrait of Govaert van Surpele (?) and his Wife
  • The Holy Family and Saint John the Baptist
  • The Virgin and Child with Saint John and his Parents