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  • Reverend William Holwell Carr
  • William Seguier
Jacobello del Bonomo
documented 1375 - 1385
  • The Man of Sorrows
  • Portrait of a Boy
  • Portrait of a Man
  • A Bishop (Donatus?) and a Female Martyr (Antilla?)
  • Gabriel: Frame Roundel (Left)
  • Left Pilaster of an Altarpiece
  • Pratovecchio Altarpiece
  • Right Pilaster of an Altarpiece
  • Saint John the Evangelist: Altarpiece Pinnacle (right)
  • Saints Michael and John the Baptist
  • The Annunciate Virgin: Frame Roundel (right)
  • The Virgin: Altarpiece Pinnacle (Left)
  • Ladies and Gentlemen playing La Main Chaude