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  • The Adoration of the Kings
  • The Virgin and Child with Flowers
  • Landscape with Tobias laying hold of the Fish
  • Landscape with a Fortified Town
  • Saint George killing the Dragon
  • Saint John the Evangelist
  • The Vision of Saint Jerome
  • Apollo and Neptune advising Laomedon
  • Apollo killing the Cyclops
  • Apollo pursuing Daphne
  • Apollo slaying Coronis
  • Mercury stealing the Herds of Admetus
  • The Flaying of Marsyas
  • The Judgement of Midas
  • The Transformation of Cyparissus
  • Villa Aldobrandini Frescoes
  • Carnesecchi Tabernacle
  • Head of a Tonsured, Bearded Saint
  • Head of a Tonsured, Beardless Saint
  • The Virgin and Child Enthroned
Donck, G.
active 1627 - 1640
  • Portrait of Jan van Hensbeeck, his Wife and a Child
  • A Man embracing a Woman
  • Lamentation over the Body of Christ
  • The Adoration of the Kings
  • A Female Saint
  • A Poulterer's Shop
  • Portrait of a Man
  • Portrait of a Young Woman