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Preparatory Work

 John Virtue Home Working at the Gallery: Preparatory work
  John Virtue

Originally the idea was to continue painting the Exe estuary, keep the studio in Exeter and keep the studio here. It became, from about the summer of 2002, evident to me... there was an idea formulating in my mind that this wouldn't work.

By the autumn of 2002 I made up my mind that I was going to break, so I shut down the studio in Exeter and moved the studio into the National Gallery, and on January the 6th crossed over Hungerford Bridge from Waterloo Station and looked at the Thames, and I knew that I would make a walk because walking had been my practice for 20 years, wherever I was. I was walking and drawing. I would make a walk that was a square so it would encompass the South Bank of the Thames and the north bank of the Thames.

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